Onsite Train Weighing

train rail car weighing scale

Portable Rail Scales

Our onsite rail/train scales and weighing services provides rail operations as well as companies that utilize rail with advanced tools for better rail car weight management.  Below are a list of benefits that can be achieved by utilizing our onsite train weighing services and train weigh scale systems.

- Verify Rail Car Weights (trains and locomotives)

- Inventory Control

- Wheel Balancing

- General Purpose Weighing

- Short Term Train Scale Options

- Portable Rail Scale Operation

Portable Rail Train Car Scale

Static Rail Car Weighing Systems

Our fully-portable, static rail weighing system can be carried by two men to a rail vehicle located anywhere and installed within 15 minutes. Once installed, the user receives weights for individual wheel, axles and carriages as to allow even weight distribution.  This train weighing scale, provides excellent accuracy but at the same time gives unrivaled flexibility. Due to the portability and ease of installation portable rail scale system can weigh on multiple lines or positions.


Portable Rail Scale Systems

Dynamic / In-Motion Train Weighing Scales

Our portable, dynamic, in-motion train weighing scales allow for the "in-motion" weighing of axles, wagons and trains. This rail car weighing scale can be carried by two men to a rail vehicle in any location and installed in just 15 minutes.  These rail weigh scales designed to identify individual axle weight overloads that, if undetected, could lead to excessive wear and stress to wheel profiles, axle boxes, bearings, gear boxes, final drive units and suspension components. Therefore it is an ideal rail weighing scale solution to provide check-weighing results for the heavy industrial steel, cement, gypsum and minerals markets.

Dynamic Rail Car Weighing Scales

Onsite Rail Weighing in 15 Minutes

The patented design of these rail car weighing scales allows for our technicians to arrive onsite and have the scales installed typically in 15-30 minutes.  This enables you to reduce your overall costs and get the job done efficiently.

Click here for a video detailing  "Portable Scale Installation Video"