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Onsite EVW Verification

Aug 13, 2014 | Tags: mining scale, jack stand scale, haul truck scale, tare weight verification
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Onsite Empty Vehicle Weight Verification

A large mine looks to Payload Pros to perform onsite weighing of their ultra class mining trucks.  The ability for this mine to know exactly what their empty trucks weighs weigh, allows them to maximize the available payload carrying capacity of each truck.


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Caterpillar Production Studies

Aug 8, 2014 | Tags: mining scale, axle scale, mining axle scale, axle scales, 3d load scanner, payload management, load monitoring, load scanner, load volume scanner, load scan, payload scanner, bed scanner, mining truck scanner
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Caterpillar & The Walz Load Scanner 

Caterpillar looks to Walz to provide advanced weight and payload management solutions for their production testing and development.  Recently the Walz Load Scanner was used in conjunction with portable scales to verify vehicle loads and load position.  Our fully automated weight and scanner system improves operational efficiencies and data management when compared with systems deployed in the past.


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