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Welcome to Payload Pros, an industry-leading source for on-site payload management, advanced truck scales, and dynamic weighing systems. From portable truck scales and weighbridges to on-board truck scales and rail car weigh scales for industrial and mining scales, we specialize in wide variety of weighing systems for rugged, heavy-duty use.

At Payload Pros, we specialize in a complete range of heavy-duty weigh scales and load management systems. Whether your business demands accurate load management of haul trucks or precise weight measurement of payloads by rail, we can help provide a solution that meets your unique needs.

We provide both portable and fixed truck scale systems, static and in-motion rail weigh scales, and volumetric load scanning software. Over the years, we have developed some of the most advanced measuring systems to accurately weigh payloads and efficiently manage and analyze data.

Software-Supported Rail & Truck Weigh Scales

At Payload Pros, we even offer our propriety, easy-to-use software platform and automated ticketing technology to fulfill all of your payload system needs. With the ability to monitor your payload management system from a smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device of your choosing, you can keep track of your conveyance and ensure optimal throughout during all hours of operation.

From mining truck scales and rail scales to volume load scanner systems and portable weigh scales, we deliver individually-tailored weighing solutions for a wide range of customers. And for short-term needs, we provide rentals on portable scales to weigh trucks, in addition to rental rail scales and other weighing systems. Learn more about some of our core solutions below.

Rent Truck Scales, Rail Scales, & More

Because many companies have short-term weighing needs (i.e. farmers, public works, mining operations, etc.) at Payload Pros we offer rental options on truck scales, rail scales, and various other weighing systems. Take advantage of easy-to-use, lightweight, and fully-portable truck scales for rent, or our truck load volume scanner for efficient payload analysis. We offer a wide range of individually-tailored rental programs based on your business' needs

Highly-Functional, Heavy-Duty Weighing Scales

Durability and sustainability are two qualities that mean the most to our customers, especially when it comes to rail scales and truck scales that get a ton of usage with little downtime. At Payload Pros, we carefully engineer our weighing systems to use heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum to best withstand high-volume use and harsh conditions. Mining operators that need extreme capacity truck scales trust Payload Pros for highly-functional and heavy-duty weighing scales. Avoid constant calibration and scale repositioning. Leverage the power and efficiency of Payload Pros heavy-duty truck weight scales, rail weigh scales, and industrial weighing systems.